Music and Craft Beer Festival Comes to Historic Jefferson Barracks

We know what you’re thinking: where can I find that combination of military history, gravestones, tame deer, music, craft beer and hipsters that mid-August just cries out for? Well, the St. Louis Arts Blog has got you covered! To say that Jefferson Barracks has history is a gross understatement. Started as a military post in 1826, it was named after one Thomas Jefferson, the ginger … Continue reading Music and Craft Beer Festival Comes to Historic Jefferson Barracks

Frank Lloyd Wright House in Ebsworth Park

Frank Lloyd Wright was an American visionary. He was an architect but also an interior designer, writer and educator. Wright, who designed more than 1,000 structures in his 7-decade career, created structures and living spaces that were in harmony with the surrounding environment and with the humanity that would inhabit the spaces. He was instrumental in creating whole new movements in architecture and his designs … Continue reading Frank Lloyd Wright House in Ebsworth Park

The St. Louis Carousel: A Treasure Saved

Carousels have been a part of history for more than a thousand years and certainly since the Middle Ages when knights used them for training purposes. The name itself is derived from the Spanish word “carosella,” or “little battle.” Objects, like the proverbial brass ring, were placed outside the carousel and were to be grabbed or skewered by the knight’s sword. Jousting practice was also part of the carousel’s history until a member of the Medici family was killed. Rich people spoil it for everyone, heh?

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The Black Madonna Shrine, a Life’s Work

Before we tell you the story of our local Black Madonna Shrine, we should give a little background about the original.

There are legends surrounding the origin of the Black Madonna of Częstochowa, a revered icon of the Jasna Góra monastery in Poland. Some say that St. Luke painted the image on a tabletop in the home of the Holy Family over 2,000 years ago. Art and history scholars disagree and say the original painting was probably a Byzantine icon created in the sixth or ninth century and that it was brought to the monastery by Prince Ladislaus of Opole in the 14th century.

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Hello Spring!

Spring plays hard to get in the Midwest. She flirts and bats her eyes with early crocus blossoms that pop up through snow and prematurely excite us. But she is not to be so easily had. Collectively, we are so “over” the monotonous solitude of winter, tucked into mattresses of garments, head down, aching for color, for scent and touch. But, despite early flashes, spring … Continue reading Hello Spring!