This Big Band Gets Its Kicks On Route 66

One of the toughest challenges for any band is playing in unison. If one band member gets out of sync, it will throw off the entire performance. It’s not that easy to accomplish this basic stagecraft, with all the distractions like crowd noise, clinking glasses, maybe a drummer with a hangover. If you go to a Route 66 Jazz Orchestra performance, you’re unlikely to hear … Continue reading This Big Band Gets Its Kicks On Route 66

West County Spinners – Not Your Grandmother’s Square Dance Group

On the first and third Mondays of each month, the West County Spinners host an evening of Square and Round Dancing at Trinity Lutheran Church in Chesterfield. With membership currently around 100, these bi-monthly gatherings are full of activity, music, exercise, dancing and, most importantly, friendship. Continue reading “West County Spinners – Not Your Grandmother’s Square Dance Group”

Jazz On Tap With Festivals In U. City and Chesterfield

New Orleans was the birthplace of jazz music, but St. Louis had a notable jazz scene as far back as the 1920s. The St. Louis region has also produced significant jazz artists, including trumpeter Clark Terry, bandleader Lester Bowie, and of course, Miles Davis. Jazz remains a prominent part of the St. Louis music scene. Jazz fans who live in St. Louis County have a … Continue reading Jazz On Tap With Festivals In U. City and Chesterfield

Gypsy Music arrives in Maplewood

Born over a century ago in Belgium, a Romani gypsy named Django Reinhardt took an American art form and turned it on it’s ear. Touted as the first European jazz master, Reinhardt pioneered a blend of American jazz and gypsy campfire music, and rose to fame in pre-war Paris with his Quintette du Hot Club de France. The new style quickly jumped to U.S. shores and inspired not only American jazz musicians, but generations of country artists from Bob Wills to Chet Atkins.

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Dean Christopher, A St. Louis Gem Not to be Missed – by John Hoffmann

If he could enter Mr. Peabody’s time machine and go back to 1970, Dean Christopher would be the guy sitting next to Johnny Carson instead of Rich Little – he is that good as an entertainer, comic and impersonator. Give Dean a big band and he will put on a fine show as Dean Christopher, but when Dean does his Rat and Pack and More … Continue reading Dean Christopher, A St. Louis Gem Not to be Missed – by John Hoffmann

Wednesday Night Jazz Jam @Nesby’s – Sunset Hills


You’ve made it intact through hump day at work. Looking for a little jazz to mellow out the week? Sounds like a plan. Even better, a legit jam session, expertly smoked meat, and all within the confines of St. Louis County.


Welcome to @Nesby’s Bar & Grill. This family-owned restaurant in the heart of Sunset Hills is where you’ll find many of the region’s finest jazz musicians taking turns entertaining the crowd, themselves and each other.

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Honky-Tonkin’ at Stovall’s Grove – Wildwood

One HangingGuitarof the great musical treasures of far West County is a honky-tonk named Stovall’s Grove Rockhorse SaloonWhen you walk in the front door, you immediately feel like you have walked onto a movie set. The decor is mid-century country, complete with wagon wheel chandeliers, tables covered in blue gingham, a pool table and an adequately sized dance floor speckled with sawdust. Patrons wearing cowboy hats line the bar to watch the dancers kick up their heels. 

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